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Teatr Dramatyczny im. Jerzego Szaniawskiego w Wałbrzychu | [de]CONSTRUCTION |

[de]CONSTRUCTION is a series of two-stage educational activities, realized since 2009 under the agreement with the selected middle school. In the first stage the youth learn aware and critical viewing of performances and learn about basic acting skills. In the second stage participants supported by professionals create their own etude/scenic draft based on the [de]CONSTRUCTION of one of the performances carried out by its creators. The students participate actively in each stage of the show: from the concept, through the text writing, promotional strategies, up to participating in the performance. Multifaceted work with a technical support of the Theatre allows the participants to learn the ins and outs of stage workshop and to obtain new skills and abilities related to promotion of their own work. It also teaches the fundamental part of working: cooperation and creativity.