• Full price / Bilet normalny - 29,00 pln
  • Concessionary price / Bilet ulgowy - 22,00 pln
  • Tickets for a couple / Bilet dla Pary - 55,00 pln
  • Premiere tickets / Bilet na premierę - 50,00 pln
  • Thursday tickets / Bilet czwartkowy - 18,00 pln
Special offer:

Group tickets - 22,00 PLN per person
(Presale to a group of 8+ people. Available no later than the day before the performance.)


Concessionary tickets are available to:
children, school children, students, pensioners & annuitants, group of at least 8 people, voucher holders.

Standby tickets are available to:
family of the Theatre personnel, pensioners & annuitants of the Theatre, employees of theatres, students of drama schools, the youth of the Theatre workshops, the group of “The Shadows of Theatre”.