19th November 2018 / MAIN STAGE

text and dramaturgy: Daria Kubisiak inspired by „The Sorrows of Young Werter” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and a film „And Then There Were None” by René Clair

direction and choreography: Cezary Tomaszewski
scenography: BRACIA [BROTHERS] (Maciej Chorąży + Agnieszka Klepacka)
live music and vocal preparation: Weronika Krówka
light designe: Jędrzej Jęcikowski
stage make-up: Kacper Rączkowski
photos: Bartek Warzecha

cast: Sara Celler-Jezierska, Weronika Krówka [g], Rafał Kosowski, Dariusz Maj [g], Filip Perkowski, Dariusz Skowroński, Piotr Tokarz

Seven people are invited to a secret project in Goethe Institut with its headquarters in Ksiaż castle in Waldenburg city. When one of them disappears in mysterious circumstances, other project participants realize, they got involved in a criminal affair. Unexpected actions and murderous letters of cryptic Werter cause in them both fear and excitement. Five protagonists decide to rise to the tasks given and get to know who or what is the reason of the murderous situations. Reading Werter’s letters to his friend causes extreme emotions, from compassion to mutual feeling. They go through the way of existential fears, sadness, melancholy, romantic love, madness and suicidal deaths together with Werter, often accompanied by music.

The performance was realized within the project „WITH FIRE IN THE HEAD 3.” Polish-German Meetings with Theatre for Youth
Co-financing: Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and from the wherewithal of Lover Silesian Voivodship budget.

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