Polish Bethlehem


5th January 2013,
Main Stage

Inspired by „Polish Bethlehem” by Lucjan Rydel

*in the performance fragments of „Polish Wonders” [Cuda Polskie]directed by Piotr Domarańczyk were used

text, direction, music work out: Wojciech Faruga

 scenography, costumes, light management: Agata Skwarczyńska

 director’s assistant, set decorator’s assistant : Damian Kwiatkowski



 MARY – Rozalia Mierzicka

 JOSEPH – Piotr Tokarz

 ANGEL I – Mirosława Żak

 ANGEL II – Karolina Krawiec

 ANGEL III – Piotr Mokrzycki

 HERDSWOMAN – Angelika Cegielska /​ Ewelina Żak

 HEROD – Ryszard Węgrzyn

 CASPAR – Filip Perkowski

 MELCHIOR – Irena Wójcik

 BALTASAR – Dariusz Skowroński

 PRINCESS – Małgorzata Łakomska [guest actor]

 ROXANNE – Sara Celler – Jezierska


Lucjan Rydel, the author of „Polish Bethlehem”, a play staged for the first time in 1905, told Jesus to be born in Poland. He placed Bethlehem nativity scene, necessarily with Wawel view, in Krakow. Rydel’s idea of a read biblical story telling Saviour’s birth in „Poland right here, right now” became a starting point of Wojciech Faruga performance. What would happen, if the immaculate conception took place today? Is a miracle possible? How would we react, if it happened? Who could be today’s Maria? Would this miracle be a nationwide kind or rather individual? The action moves Krakow to a small place, forgotten by everybody. It is a place, where a catastrophe took place – we do not know if it was a natural disaster, of just a single factory closure. The place is dying slowly, and its inhabitants, without livelihood, work and willingness to do anything, gather in a club-room. They are waiting for something to happen…