LORD JIM. Joseph Conrad’s novel reading exercises


1st December 2017 / SMALL STAGE  

text and dramaturgy: pilgrim/majewski (on the based Joseph Conrad „Lord Jim”)

direction: Maciej Podstawny
scenography, costumes and light designe: Mirek Kaczmarek
music: Kamil Tuszyński i Ewa Gądek
video: Amadeusz Nosal
director’s assistant: Łukasz Zaleski

cast: Maria Dąbrowska [TWSz], Michał Kosela, Karolina Krawiec, Barbara Lewandowska [TWSz], Maciej Litkowski [TWSz], Grażyna Madej [TWSz], Piotr Mokrzycki, Piotr Tokarz

Coproduction with the Theatre of Contemporary Arts in Szczecin

LORD JIM by Joseph Conrad – the novel about honour and a conscience divided Poles during the whole 20th century. For those, who died with Jim’s name on their lips, it became an inspiration for an insurgent fight, for others it was an evidence of „moral shallowness of capitalism”, it engaged distaste, it praised „slaves’ faithfulness”.
What does this great Polish-British writer want to tell us today and how well do we understand each other? Where are modern readers and what kind of problems do they face? What are Lord Jim’s dilemmas and why are they so important for rightist political movements? What is the result of reading the novel?

The performance’s authors invite us to a poetic confrontation with Conrad’s text and promise that after getting to know their interpretation everyone will want to read LORD JIM again.

Subsidized from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage wherewithal within the programme „CONRAD / SZANIAWSKI 2017. Year of Conrad in Szaniawski Drama Theater in Wałbrzych” and from the budget of Local Government in Lover Silesian Voivodship.

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