High Noon


7th June 2013,
Main Stage

direction: Wojtek Ziemilski

dramaturgy: Sebastian Liszka

light management: Karolina Gębska

director’s assitant: Katarzyna Lemańska, Karolina Wycisk


Casting/​ dramaturgy cooperation:

Sara Celler-​​Jezierska, Małgorzata Łakomska [guest actor], Rozalia Mierzicka, Piotr Mokrzycki, Piotr Tokarz, Ryszard Węgrzyn

„High Noon” – a performance, for which a starting point was 4th June 1989 – an election day for Seym and Senate and democratic victory of democracy descending from Solidarność. While working on the performance, actors team found and spoken to 1989  Wałbrzych candidates , asking for actions motivation and choices made by them after 4th June 1989. „ High Noon” is neither documentary performance, nor a victory story. It’s a performans of memory that meets others’ memories.