Disappearing Schools


6th September 2013
Small Stage

Hermiona G. under a veil of Terry Pratchett writings

direction: Paweł Świątek

scenography: Karolina Mazur

vocal consultancy: Kamila Pieńkos



Angelika Cegielska /​ Sara Celler – Jezierska, Karolina Krawiec, Irena Wójcik, Ewelina Żak, Mirosława Żak

Contrariness, with which „Disappearing Schools” were realized, lives on a mutiny extortion mockery, but at the same time is a creativity source. The performance lasts only one hour. The author of a text is some Hermiona G., a character from Harry Potter. This a pseudonym of Tomasz Jękot, an author of  „Mitologie” staged in Polish Theatre in Wrocław, directed by Świątek and Wałbrzych „Shoa sho” in a parody of ”Fiddler on a roof”. Here he impersonates a phrase of Terry Pratchett, a popular fantasy author with a specific sense of humour. With the use of full of wiggles and  quirkiness language he creates a satire on Polish educational system, permanently criticized, and at the end, getting stuck, as always, in  waffling and canting talk.

 Hermiona, as the performance character, speaks in the name of excluded, marginalized women. Isn’t school their domain? Isn’t it the place which, instead of being breeding ground for intellect, becomes an area of badly paid and frustrated people authority overuse? Isn’t school a metaphor of not realized careers? A Polish warning: „ I wish you to teach not your children!” shows school as a firing range and Świątek’s performance does not change anything in this matter.


Adriana Prodeus, „Key power”

www.sztukawspolczesna.org,  30 .01.2014