16th June 2017 / SMALL STAGE

text: Żelisław Żelisławski
direction: Szymon Kaczmarek
scenography and costumes: Kaja Migdałek
photos: Bartek Warzecha

cast: Karolina Krawiec, Irena Sierakowska, Michał Kosela, Rafał Kosowski, Zbigniew Antoniewicz [TBK], Marcin Trzęsowski [TBK], Michał Wierzbicki [TBK]

Inspiration: Richard Davenport-Hines „The Pursuit of Oblivion: A Global History of Narcotics, 15002000”, Tom Wainwright „Narkonomics”, Luca Rastello „I Am the Market: How to Smuggle Cocaine by the Ton, in Five Easy Lessons”.

One dollar invested in cocaine production generates 1000 dollars profit.
Dealing of this substance is a free market in its pure form, lacking in regulations and limitations.
If all money connected with narcobusiness was removed at a moment from global economy, the whole counties would collapse, a dozen or so percent of global cash resources would disappear.

A question arises: how it is possible cocaine is such a profitable product?

It is possible, because farmers in Columbia or Chile work for a little more than a penny.
Or for nothing.
Processors, agents, further agents and tradesmen became beneficiaries of the golden business,
likewise with coffee, toys, bananas and T-shirts of popular brands.

The Drama Theatre wants us to give it some thought.

Coproduction with Wojciech Bogusławski Theatre in Kalisz.

A task co-financed from the wherewithal of Lover Silesian Voivodship budget.

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