16th November 2018 / SMALL STAGE

text: Sibylle Berg
direction: Paweł Świątek
translation: Iwona Nowacka
scenography and costumes: Karolina Mazur
photos: Bartek Warzecha

cast: Karolina Bruchnicka, Angelika Cegielska, Dorota Furmaniuk,
Joanna Łaganowska, Czesław Skwarek

„After us even Cosmos” based on Sibylle Berg’s text is a story about  Millennials – a generation, which is currently entering adulthood; about a digital era reality fantasy, which was created by the earlier generation of babyboomers; about a trip to Mars to look for a better world, which will never happen, if all we have is only our vivid imagination; about great deeds and immaturity cult; about a diagnosis of current 30-year-olds and the world, which functions almost completely according to their rules; about effete rebels against extreme rightist order.

A copyright of Sybille Berg for the performance is represented by ADiT Agency.

The performance was realized within the project „WITH FIRE IN THE HEAD 3.” Polish-German Meetings with Theatre for Youth – 19th. DRAMATURGY DAYS.

Co-financing: Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and from the wherewithal of Lover Silesian Voivodship budget.

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