WORLD PREMIERE: 20th December 2019 / 19:00 Small Stage

Text: based on Irena Sierakowska Warsaw Upraising Diary – Zuzanna Bojda

Direction: Agata Puszcz

Set desing and costumes: Karolina Mazur

Music: Krzysztof Kaliski

Video: Przemysław Jeżmirski
Tap dancing lessons: Dariusz Dudzik
Photos: Tobiasz Papuczys

Cast: Irena Sierakowska

108 SUGAR CUBES” is a title of the newest production of Teatr Dramatyczny. A one-character play is one of eight premieres of 56th theatrical season – 2019 / 2020 GEMSTONES.

The performance directed by Agata Puszcz was based on the diary pieces found in ruins of Warsaw just after the Uprising. Zuzanna Bojda undertook to adapt the intimate diary text for the stage. The performance is about a true entity entangled in the great events and true emotions accompanying a discovery of a family secret.

Two Irenas – the contemporary Irena Sierakowska and Irena Sierakowska who died in the Warsaw Uprising are related, but have never met each other. Despite this they have a lot in common, much more than just a name.

There are places on Warsaw map where contemporary Irena is afraid to go, because she has panic attacks there. There are some places on a contemporary Irena’s body, where strange rash and spots suddenly appear for some time.

„She left the house and didn’t come back…”, „she’s wanted…” is a chorus that repeats inside of Contemporary Irena’s head.

A character is sure that there’s something living inside her, waiting to be named – so she starts her search. She is looking for that thing so long, that she finally tracks something – a small box with keepsakes, a memory box. There is a partially charred diary written by Irena Sierakowska in August 1944 in this box and parts of it are still possible to be read.

A one-character play was created within the framework of  Free Stages of Actors’ Initiative.


WORLD PREMIERE: 20th December 2019 / 19:00 Small Stage


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