14th June 2019, Main Stage

Performance’s duration:
180 minutes (with one interval)

Text: Michael Frayn
Translation: Karol Jakubowicz i Małgorzata Semil
Stage direction: Paweł Świątek
Stage design and costumes: Marcin Chlanda

Starring: Angelika Cegielska, Dorota Furmaniuk, Joanna Łaganowska, Irena Wójcik, Mateusz Flis, Michał Kosela, Rafał Kosowski, Czesław Skwarek, Piotr Tokarz
Photo: Bartek Warzecha

It’s a great opportunity to see in Wałbrzych a farce unanimously recognized as one of the worlds most hilarious. Paweł Świątek with Szaniawski Theatre Team reaches for a demanding genre, which has not been shown on Szaniawski Theatre for over 20 years!
NOISES OFF is a story about a theatre, about never-ending rehearsals, desperate directors, and devastated actors. Michael Frayn presents us a comic situation showing a theatrical troupe’s struggles just before a premiere and getting ready for a long lasting tournée with their performance. The audience gets a unique chance to see theatrical creation act from the inside. NOISES OFF is a performance within the performance, where personal actors’ lives intermingle with lives of the charters they play. This three-act play moves spectators in the center of vanity rage just before the premiere, the director Lloyd Dallas (in that role Mateusz Flis – one of the youngest actors in the Theatre) tries to complete the third dress rehearsal. We watch the performance NOTHING ON being born pain, actors constantly forget texts, the stage design shakes, and a door handle falls out of the door. What is more, matters of the heart asset themselves. The stage situation showing the rehearsal becomes an ideal lens, through which one can see the world of theatre, or, even wider, mechanisms which control all of us.
Paweł Świątek, a director with a national reputation, who usually realizes artistic repertoire, openly says he has not seen any farce recently: – A big problem of farce performances is the level of acting – gags, manners, face expressions – the director says. – A farce as a genre is abandoned by an artistic theatre. We wanted to show that farce acting does not have to be necessarily bad, actors can play with this convention, create interesting characters, and tell something about us – theatre people in the creational process. NOISES OFF is a story about a theatre family, about how we work and how life from behind-the-scenes looks like.

Dotty Otley – Irena Wójcik,
Lloyd Dallas – Mateusz Flis,
Garry Lejeune – Rafał Kosowski,
Brook Ashton – Angelika Cegielska,
Poppy Norton-Taylor – Joanna Łaganowska,
Frederick Fellowes – Czesław Skwarek,
Belinda Blair – Dorota Furmaniuk,
Tim Allgood – Piotr Tokarz,
Selsdon Mowbray – Michał Kosela

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